Research Work at IASPM

IASPM@Journal is the journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM), an organization established to promote inquiry, scholarship and analysis in the area of popular music. We publish articles and book reviews on popular music of any genre, time period or geographic location. In addition to Special Issue CFPs, the journal maintains a space for ongoing scholarly work. As part of an international network the journal aims to disseminate IASPM members' research work that is local, transnational, global and/or international. English is the official language but articles may also be submitted in the official language of any of its branches (adding an English abstract). Studies may use a range of research methodologies and critical approaches, including practice as research. As our open access readership is diverse and interdisciplinary, we ask contributors to present ideas in forms accessible to sociologists, musicologists, music critics and practitioners. In order to submit to IASPM@journal you must be an IASPM member and registered as an author on the site. Once you are logged in, first update your profile, including the name of your institution (AFFILIATION) as well as in your BIO STATEMENT to include the idiom(s) and in which you are able to write or review. Where appropriate, add your reviewing interests as separated key concepts (avoid long lists in one line, as they are impossible to search). When registered as an author you will be able to submit content to the journal by clicking on "Author" in your "User Home" column. Further information regarding Online: Submissions. Click here for a copy of the Open CFP (in several languages) and Style Guide. Music files (mp3) and good resolution figure files (at least 300 dpi for images in gray scale images) may be included as Supplementary Files, provided sources are acknowledged and relevant copyright clearance has been secured. Although research ethics are important to the journal, it does not accept legal responsibility for any external Internet links. Open Journal Systems is freely distributed software from the Public Knowledge Project.