Update: IJ 8/2 (2018) – Open Issue

This issue consists of two contributions. Emília Barna and Ádám Ignácz give a historical analysis of popular music studies in the 1960s and 1970s in the UK and Hungary. Jan-Peter Herbst and Tim Albrecht present findings from a study into the work realities of studio musicians in the German popular music recording industry. The review section consists of reviews from by Paul Long, Caroline Kennedy, Iain Taylor, Karlyn King and Eveleigh Buck-Matthews.
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Posted: 2018-12-10

Update: IJ 8/1 (2018) – Gender Politics in the Music Industry

This special issue focuses on Gender Politics in the Music Industry. It contains special issue articles from Kara Attrep, Toby Bennett, Cecilia Björck and Åsa Bergman, Helen Reddington, Cécile Navarro, Charity Marsh, and Caroline O'Sullivan as well as an open section article from Adrian Sledmere. The review section consists of reviews from Liam Alan Maloy, Verónica Dávila, Nabeel Zuberi. Derek B. Scott, Nicholas P Greco, and Laura Niebling.
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Posted: 2018-08-20

Update: IJ 7/2 (2017) – Practice-Led and Practice-Based Popular Music Studies

Special issue editor: Rupert Till

A special issue dedicated to popular music focused practice based and led research. With compositions/articles by Paul Wolinski, Peter Gavin Long, Toby Martin, Martin Kamil Koszolsko and Brendan Anthony. Click here to access this issue.
Posted: 2017-12-20

Open CFP: Research Work at IASPM

In addition to special issue sections, the journal publishes ongoing scholarly and research work by IASPM members. Click here for a copy of the Open CFP (in several languages) and Style Guide.  
Posted: 2018-06-04 More...

Update: IJ 7/1 (2017) – Pop Life: The Popular Music Biopic

Guest Editor: Matthew Bannister

A special issue examining biopics of popular music artists, raising questions regarding the genealogy of the genre, remediation, authorship, identity and stardom, with articles by Jonathan Stewart, Benjamin Halligan and Liam Maloy; Maurizio Corbella; Ewa Mazierska; Bridget Sutherland and Paul Judge and Marcus O’Dair. Click here to access the issue.
Posted: 2017-10-29

Update: IJ 6/2 (2016) – Perspectives on Popular Music and Sound Recording

Special Issue Editors: Samantha Bennett, Eve Klein
A special issue that addresses the multiple relationships between popular music and sound recording in the construction of popular music and its cultures, with articles by Samantha Bennett, Eve Klein, Landon Palmer, Brett D. Lashua, Paul Thompson, Lori Burns, Gregory Weinstein, Maarten Michielse, and Alexander C. Harden. Click here to access the issue.

Additional Editors: Hillegonda C Rietveld, Jacopo Tomatis, Sarah E Raine, William Echard, Carlo Nardi
Posted: 2016-12-30

Update: IJ 6/1 (2016) – New Directions in Music Fan Studies

Special Issue Editors: Koos Zwaan, Mark Duffett

A special issue regarding changes in popular music fandom and the new methodologies that the study of this subject, with articles by Toija Cinque, Sean Redmond, Marion Wasserbauer, Alexander Dhoest, Pilar Lacasa, Laura Méndez Zaballos, Julián de la Fuente Prieto, Simone Driessen, Bethan Jones, Chris Anderton and Gayle Stever. Plus an article by Rob Ahler, as well as a selection of book reviews. Click here to access the issue.

Additional Editors: William Echard, Carlo Nardi, Sarah E Raine, Hillegonda C Rietveld, Jacopo Tomatis
Posted: 2016-11-07

Call: Looking for reviewers of publications and other outputs in Popular Music Studies

We seek expressions of interest from IASPM members to act as potential reviewers of academic publications, documentaries and websites in the field of popular music studies. If you are interested in reviewing for IASPM@Journal, please contact the Review Editor, Sarah Raine, at sarah.raine2 (at), providing her with key words to indicate your research expertise, as well as your contact details (e-mail and postal address).

In order to submit to IASPM@journal you must be an IASPM member, and register as an Author on this site.
Posted: 2016-04-28 More...

Update: IJ 6/2 (2016) – Perspectives on Popular Music and Sound Recording

Special Issue Editors: Samantha Bennett and Eve Klein

To be published later in 2016, a special issue that will highlight a range of philosophies, mythologies, ideologies and discourses that address the study of popular music in relation to sound recording.
Posted: 2016-04-28
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