Special Issue: Crises at Work: Potentials for Change?

This special issue (11.1) consists of five articles, four statements (including a podcast) and two book reviews. Iain A. Taylor, Sarah Raine, and Craig Hamilton examine the UK live music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and potential implications for social change. Magdalena Fürnkranz covers the live music scene in Vienna during the global pandemic. Melanie Ptatscheck discusses the mental health crisis concerns of EDM DJs related to COVID-19. Marco Antonio Juan de Dios Cuartas considers paradigm shifts in music production during the pandemic. Wonseok Lee and Grace Kao consider the power of fans through a case study of K-pop, BTS and BTS ARMYs in relation to #BlackLivesMatter. There is a podcast by Ioannis Tsioulakis on the politics of solidarity in Greece during the pandemic. Martin Lücke's statement considers the need for cultural policy changes in Germany. Jason Huxtable calls for accountability in white academics' work on popular music and Mirko Hall champions Hip Hop models of social change as powerful templates for hope. Nabeel Zuberi and Giacomo Bottà offer their insights on new books out in two reviews. Click here to access this issue.