Vol 9, No 1 (2019)

Pop music festivals and (cultural) policies

This special issue consists of five contributions. Daniel Fredriksson presents a study on the Falun Folk Music Festival in Sweden. Heikki Uimonen discusses the relationships between live music associations and various political and cultural institutions in Finland. Stian Vestby examines the programme and audience development processes at the Norwegian Country Meeting. Peter Lell discusses how world music festivals can be seen as sites of musical education. Bianca Ludewig introduces transmedia festivals as a new type of contemporary festivals.

Dr Mary Fogarty Woehrel
Dr Koos Zwaan

Special Issue Editors
Jun.-Prof. Dr Beate Flath
Dr Adam Behr
Prof. Martin Cloonan

Assistant Editor
Raquel Campos

Additional Editors
Dr. Helen Elizabeth Davies
Dr. Will Echard
Dr. K.E. Goldschmitt
Dr. Jan Herbst
Dr. Bernhard Steinbrecher
Dr. Jon Stewart

Layout Editor
Raquel Campos

Table of Contents


Mary Fogarty Woehrel
1 - 2
Beate Flath, Adam Behr, Martin Cloonan
3 - 5

Articles – Special Issue

Daniel Fredriksson
6 - 22
Heikki Uimonen
23 - 38
Stian Vestby
39 - 55
Peter Lell
56 - 72
Bianca Kristina Ludewig
73 - 88