Vol 10, No 1 (2020) Open Issue

This issue consists of three articles, three branch reports and five book reviews. Rosemary Lucy Hill and Molly Megson discuss how grassroots venues and promoters can implement changes to tackle sexual violence and work towards gender equality. Pascal Rudolph analyses the presentation of Björk’s filmic character, Selma, in Dancer in the Dark in conversation with her popstar status. Paul Carr and Ben Challis examine the creative incorporation of a specific type of repetition in popular music, that of loop-based composition and improvisation. Ruth Piquer, Bojana Radovanović and Emilia Barna provide IASPM branch reports covering the histories of popular music studies in Spain, Serbia and Hungary (respectively). There are also reviews by Bill Bruford, Jenna Doyle, Mark Duffett, Lee Marshall and Chris Anderton of new books out on the drum kit, popular music performance, The Beatles fandom, The Rolling Stones, and Henry Cow. Click here to access this issue.