Vol. 9 No. 2 (2019): Open Issue

IASPM Journal Vol. 9, No.2 (2019)

This issue consists of four articles, four branch reports and three book reviews. Lauren Leigh Kelly and Donald C. Sawyer discuss hip hop pedagogy in mainstream schools. Yuri Prado analyzes the capitalist logic of samba schools. Emma Winston and Laurence Saywood cover a new musical genre, Lo-Fi Hip Hop, and Christopher Charles considers the significance of crews in underground dance music scenes. Melanie Schiller, Beate Flath, Akitsugu Kawamoto, Ali C. Gedik, and Levent Ergun provide IASPM branch reports. There are also book reviews by Laura Niebling, Marianne Di Benedetto and Alison C Eales on new books out on heavy metal, popular music in France and the history of live music in the UK.

Editor Dr. Mary Fogarty Assistant Editors Dr. Raquel Campos, Mr. Xavier Villanueva Capella Additional Editors Dr. Tim Anderson, Mr. Serouj Aprahamian, Dr. Gina Arnold, Dr. Melissa Avdeeff, Dr. Christina Ballico, Dr. Jody Berland, Dr. Raquel Campos, Dr. Szu-Wei Chan, Dr. Helen Davies, Dr. William Echard, Dr. K.E. Goldschmitt, Dr. Jan Herbst, Mr. Pablo Herrera Veitia, Dr. Jon Stewart Translations Editors Dr. Line Grenier, Dr. Laura Jordán González Reviews Editor Dr. Richard Osborne Layout Editor Dr. Raquel Campos

Published: 24-12-2019