IASPM D-A-CH: Current Issues and Perspectives


  • Beate Flath IASPM D-A-CH // Paderborn University


IASPM D-A-CH, IASPM D-A-CH Series, Politics, Promoting Young Scholars


This contribution gives a short overview on current issues and perspectives of the German speaking branch of IASPM. Besides encouraging research on popular music in all its facets, one central concern of IASPM D-A-CH has been the long-term institutionalisation of popular music studies. To meet these aims, offers such as conferences and newsletters, etc., are supplemented by measures that support young scholars (e.g. "Collegium Musicum Populare", an annual one or two-day workshop for scholars at the undergraduate and graduate levels and the Maria Hanáček award for outstanding conference presentations) and expand publication opportunities (e.g. the new publication platform of IASPM D-A-CH "~Vibes – The IASPM D-A-CH Series"). Organization actively engages also political issues, especially regarding the recent rise of right-wing populism. Future initiatives of IASPM D-A-CH will focus on establishing these concerns and activities in order to promote the further institutionalisation of popular music studies in all its approaches and facets.






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