Vol. 10 No. 2 (2020): Open Issue

IASPM Journal Vol. 10, No.2 (2020)

This issue consists of four articles and five book reviews. Kai Arne Hansen discusses children's involvement in debates about climate change through music and music videos in Norway. Luiz Costa-Lima Neto analyzes the music and musical inspirations of Hermeto Pascoal, alongside his coined term "Som da Aura." Benjamin Hillier and Ash Barnes unpack the right-wing ideologies of Australian black metal bands, Spear of Longinus and Deströyer 666, covering the texts, paratexts, rationale of artists, and fan engagement. Sergio Mazzanti analyzes the output of the Russian rock band, DDT, and discusses the use of self-quotation by the bandleader to understand Russian history and his own life. There are also reviews by Monika Schoop, Antti-Ville Karja, Settimio Palermo, Mark Pedelty and Sergio Pisfil of new books about popular music in a Philippine prison video, cultural mapping and musical diversity, the politics of hope, the political ecology of music, and rap music and audiences.

Editor Dr. Mary Fogarty Assistant Editors Dr. Raquel Campos Valverde, Mr. Xavier Villanueva Capella, Mr. Serouj Aprahamian Additional Editors Dr. Melissa Avdeeff, Dr. Christina Ballico, Dr. Jody Berland, Dr. Raquel Campos, Dr. Helen Davies, Dr. William Echard, Dr. K.E. Goldschmitt, Dr. Jan Herbst, Mr. Pablo Herrera Veitia, Prof. Peter Nelson, Dr. Beate Peter, Dr. Jon Stewart, Dr. Gayle Wald, Dr. Laura Wiebe Reviews Editor Dr. Richard Osborne Layout Editor Dr. Raquel Campos

Published: 11-12-2020