Creativity and Education

The ‘Service Model’ of Pop Music Songwriting and Production in Action


  • Paul Thompson UK and Ireland Branch
  • Phil Harding Leeds Beckett University



Creativity, Pop Music Production, Popular Music Education


Formal popular music education (PME) faces a number of challenges; not least how to sufficiently engage learners in creative tasks that help to develop their skills and knowledge, whilst at the same time preparing them for employment in the: ‘ever-changing dynamic of the industries they hope to work in’ (McIntyre et al, 2016, p. 2).

The following study draws upon data gathered during a Practice Based Enquiry (PBE) and the specific context of teaching pop music songwriting and production is explored through the application of the ‘Service Model’ for Pop Music, Creativity and Commerce by an experienced pop music producer undertaking the role of researcher and ‘ETL’ (ETL).  Importantly, it it illustrates how to engage learners within an industry-style creative task and shows how the team leader’s role can help to give students important access to the social interactions of the field throughout the process.

Author Biography

Paul Thompson, UK and Ireland Branch

Senior Lecturer - Music, Sound and Performance.