Turkey and the Copyleft Music Production: Reflections on Bandista


  • Ilkin Mehrabov Karlstad University, Sweden IASPM Nordic Branch member




Bandista, 'copyleft' music, Turkey, performance, punk


This article focuses on 'copyleft' music production in Turkey through a case study on Bandista, music collective with strong oppositional stance formed in 2006 in Istanbul. Describing its musical performances as "situationist experiment of rage and rapture" Bandista became immensely popular in Turkish political music scenery after releasing its debut album De te fabula narratur in 2009 under the 'copyleft' scheme. Article tries to look at the 'copyleft' with the notion of 'music as performance' in mind, and argues that 'copyleft' politics are essential especially for new music bands to form themselves as independent actors within the music scene.

Author Biography

Ilkin Mehrabov, Karlstad University, Sweden IASPM Nordic Branch member

Media & Communication Studies department Doctoral researcher


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