Alternative Rock Music in Yugoslavia in the Period Between 1980-1991 and its Influence on the Present Musical and Cultural Life in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia

Julijana Zhabeva Papazova


Doctoral dissertation "Alternative rock music in Yugoslavia in the period between 1980-1991 and its influence on the present musical and cultural live in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia" has five main chapters: Introduction; First chapter-Theoretical aspect of the dissertation; Second chapter-Alternative rock, definition, origin, development; Third chapter-Socio-cultural aspect; Fourth chapter-Music analyze; Fifth chapter-The influence of Yugoslav alternative rock into the musical and cultural live at the territories of Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia after 1991; Conclusion; Bibliography; Appendix. The first theoretical chapter present the development of the scientific research based on musical communications, music analyze, recorded music, musical scenes and methodology of work. The second chapter present the definition of alternative rock, ideology of alternative music and short history of alternative rock in the western and non-western world. The third chapter present the historical socio-cultural development of Yugoslav alternative rock throughout chronology of development, the relationship between rock music and society, politics and culture. The fourth chapter is dedicate to the music analyze of five selected Yugoslav alternative rock songs: Samo ponekad (‘Only Sometimes’) by Šarlo akrobata (‘Šarlo acrobat’) from Belgrade; Država (‘The State’) by Laibach from Trbovlje; Gradot e nem (‘The City is Mute’) by Mizar from Skopje; Nočas se Beograd pali (‘Tonight will Belgrade burn’) by Grč (‘Spasm’) from Rijeka and Vagabonds by SCH (an abbreviation for schizophrenia) from Sarajevo. The last chapter present the period after 1991 and defined the influence of Yugoslav alternative rock at the territory of ex-Yugoslavia created through the activities of bands, magazines, festivals and record labels. The influence of the Yugoslavian alternative rock from the eighties to the time after 1991 in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia is expressed in consumption, production, exchange and network connections between music and cultural organizations, groups, organizers and journalists working in different locations.


theory, alternative rock

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