REVIEW | Beyond 2.0: The Future of Music


  • Emília Barna Budapest University of Technology and Economics IASPM Hungary



Steve Collins and Sherman Young Sheffield and Bristol, CT: Equinox, 2014 ISBN 978-1-84553-938-2

Author Biography

Emília Barna, Budapest University of Technology and Economics IASPM Hungary

Róza Emília Barna, PhD, Assistant Professor, sociologist and popular music studies scholar acquired her doctoral degree at the University of Liverpool Institute of Popular Music in 2011. Her thesis examined the relationship between music scenes, networks and the internet through a case study of contemporary Liverpool indie rock bands. Her main areas of research include the study of music scenes and genres, media representations and discourses of popular music, as well as the sociological study of music communities and music making. She also teaches as part of the ‘University of Music’ programme of the University of Pécs. She is a founding member and current Chair of the Hungarian branch of the International Association of the Study of Popular Music, a member of the editors’ Advisory Board of IASPM@Journal, and editor of the Hungarian-language Music Networks Journal.