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Gruet-Pelchat, Ariane, Université Laval
Guerra, Paula, University of Porto - Faculty of Arts and Humanities IASPM - Individual Member (i.e. without affiliation to a specific branch)
Gunn, Rachael, Macquarie University


Hall, Mirko M., Languages, Cultures, and Literatures Converse University Spartanburg, SC / USA Member of IASPM–US since 12/2020
Halligan, Benjamin, University of Wolverhampton
Hamilton, Craig, Birmingham City University
Hansen, Kai Arne, Department of Art and Cultural Studies, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences IASPM Norden
Harden, Alexander C, IASPM UK & Ireland University of Surrey
Harding, Phil, Leeds Beckett University
Harkins, Paul, Edinburgh Napier University / The University of Edinburgh
Harper, Donald Weston, Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Bryant College
Harrison , Anthony Kwame , Virginia Tech University
Hassan, Nedim, University of Liverpool
Herbst, Jan Peter, University of Huddersfield
Herbst, Jan Peter, Senior Lecturer in Music Production University of Huddersfield Department of Music & Drama School of Music, Humanities & Media Member of the IASPM D-A-CH & UK branches (United Kingdom)
Herbst, Jan Peter, University of Huddersfield
Hilarian Francis, Larry, National Institute of Education, Singapore
Hill, Kathryn Rose, Sydney University
Hill, Kathryn Rose, University of Sydney
Hill, Rosemary Lucy, University of Huddersfield
Hillier, Benjamin Philip, University of Tasmania, IASPM-ANZ Branch.
Holas, Sergio, University of Adelaide
Holas Allimant, Israel, Deakin University, Australia IASPM Australia and New Zealand
Holder, Brian, Santa Fe College/University of Florida
Holmes, Erin Bryce, Pratt Institute Registered as reader and then author

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