"My Church": Nostalgia, Tradition, and the Rise of the Secular Praise and Worship Anthem


  • Nathan Fleshner University of Tennessee


Country Music, Religion, Conservatism, Feminism, Maren Morris


Maren Morris’s song, “My Church,” is hardly controversial, with harmonies, form, and lyrics that give reverential honor to country music’s conservative and sacred traditions. “My Church” fits well within this conservative tradition, yet evangelical websites were replete with warnings of the dangerous threat planted by Morris’s secular restructuring of the traditional church and included strategies for how to thwart such threats. This article analyzes Morris’s song and music video, searching for musical, lyrical, and cultural reasons for that negative response and explores the meaning of religion through the reaction to the song.

Author Biography

Nathan Fleshner, University of Tennessee

School of Music, Assistant Professor of Music Theory



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