From Street Parties to Hardbass: Dance and Protest in Czech Postsocialist Urban Space




protest dance, anti-globalization movement, far-right, postsocialism


In this study, I aim to discuss the nature of protest dances taking place in urban spaces of postsocialist Czech Republic. My point of departure consist in the hardbass masked dances that were produced and propagated by activists with links to far-right social movements mainly in Eastern Europe in the early 2010s. Hardbass thus mimicked the earlier anti-globalization social movement Reclaim the Streets (RTS). The anti-globalization movement of the late 1990s and early 2000s can be considered a truly global social movement, active not only in the core capitalist countries but also in locations that are more peripheral.

Author Biography

Ondrej Daniel, Charles University

Ondřej Daniel earned his PhD from the Institute of Global History of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University with specialization on postsocialism, nationalism, migration and popular culture. His dissertation was published as Rock or Turbofolk: The Imagination of Migrants from the Former Yugoslavia (2013). In 2016 he published studies summing up his research on topics of subcultures and violence related to the construction of Czech post-socialist mainstream culture as well as DIY subcultural practices. Currently he examines topics merging visual culture, class and xenophobia in post-socialist societies. He is a founding member of Centre for Study of Popular Culture.


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