REVIEW | Jazz as Visual Language: Film, Television and the Dissonant Image

Alyn Shipton


Nicolas Pillai
London: I.B. Taurus, 2017
ISBN: 9781784533441 (HB)


Jazz; Film Studies; Popular Culture; Television Studies

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A Colour Box, 1935. Dir. Len Lye, GPO Film Unit.

An Optical Poem, 1938. Dir. Oskar Fischinger, MGM.

Art Ford’s Jazz Party, 1958. WNTA TV, NY, transmission 8 May– 25 Dec 1958.

Cabin in the Sky, 1943. Dir. Vincente Minelli, MGM.

Fantasia, 1940. Dir. Walt Disney and Ben Sharpsteen, Walt Disney Productions.

Jammin’ the Blues, 1944. Dir. Gjon Mili, Warner Bros.

Jazz 625, BBC 2, transmission 22 Apr. 1964 -13 Oct. 1966

Jazz 'Hot', 1938. Dir. Lew Grade, production company uncredited.

Minnie The Moocher, 1932. Dir. Max Fleischer, Talkartoon.

Silly Symphony: The Land of Jazz (Music Land), 1935. Dir. Wilfrid Jackson, Walt Disney Productions.

Stormy Weather, 1943. Dir. Andrew L. Stone, 20th Century Fox.

The Sound of Jazz, 1957. Dir. Jack Smight, CBS.

Top of the Pops, 1964. BBC 1, transmission from 1 Jan.

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