Vol 7, No 2 (2017)

Practice-Led and Practice-Based Popular Music Studies

This special issue focuses on popular music focused practice based and led research. It contains a number of submissions in which the research content consists of submitted audio files and the music they contain. In each case the practice content is accompanied by a written submission that contextualizes the research. Paul Wolinski contributes a paper on algorithmic composition; Peter Long's study explores the manipulation of time and space, presented through composition of ambient electronica; Toby Martin’s research is on songwriting, explored through studio composition, drawing upon the cultural diversity of a suburb of Sydney in Australia; Martin Koszolko’s paper explores the use of software to enhance musical collaboration, presenting the results of a collaborative project; Brendan Anthony examines the role of the third-party mix engineer, describing a mix in which he was involved. In addition to these research contributions, the issue features a number of book reviews.

Dr Koos Zwaan

Assistant Editors
Raquel Campos
Dr Bernhard Steinbrecher

Special Issue Editor
Prof Rupert Till

Additional Editors
Dr Tim J. Anderson
Dr D. Ferrett
Dr tobias C. van Veen

Reviews Editor
Sarah E. Raine

Table of Contents


Koos Zwaan
Rupert Till
2 - 7

Articles – Special Issue

Paul Wolinski
8 - 15
Peter Gavin Long
16 - 21
Toby Martin
22 - 31
Martin Kamil Koszolko
32 - 40
Brendan Anthony
41 - 47


Roger Fagge
48 - 50
Alyn Shipton
51 - 54
Fernando Aparecido Poiana
55 - 57
John Conrad Mullen
58 - 61
Giacomo Bottà
62 - 64
Jeremiah Spillane
65 - 68