Vol. 6 No. 2 (2016): Perspectives on Popular Music and Sound Recording

This special issue addresses the multiple relationships between popular music and sound recording in the construction of popular music and its cultures. Samantha Bennett elucidates the impact of time-based signal processors on the shape of four alternative rock recordings; Eve Klein interrogates the ways virtual instrument software challenges notions of human musical expressivity; Landon Palmer examines the production of liveness in recordings of late 60s North American rock festivals; Brett D. Lashua and Paul Thompson show how mythic representations of creativity influence musicians’ expectations of recording processes; Lori Burns considers the concept album in relation to the complex networks of promotional and supplementary materials; Gregory Weinstein argues that the sound of the breath is essential to embodied presence in recordings; Maarten Michielse makes a case for a ‘digital recording consciousness’ present in the mashup community; Alexander C. Harden addresses the emergence of 1970s kosmische musik in the context of the post-war attraction to emerging electronic music technologies in West Germany. The discussion is enhanced by a range of related book reviews.

Editor Prof Hillegonda C Rietveld Special Issue Editors: Dr Samantha Bennett, Dr Eve Klein Additional Editors Dr William Echard, Dr Carlo Nardi Reviews Editor Sarah E Raine Assistant Editor Dr Jacopo Tomatis –––––––

Published: 31-12-2016